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Selling Grandma’s House

Our How-To Book

The principles in Selling Grandma’s House have propelled author and Realtor® Craig Ackerman to leadership in San Francisco real estate. He’s managed hundreds of high-end trust property sales and expanded his skills to include probate properties.

A former licensed contractor and Fortune 500 marketing manager, Craig drew on his unique background to create a cohesive home selling strategy. He has shared his expertise through seminars for professional organizations and conferences.

Faster sale, higher return

Selling Grandma’s House outlines Craig’s program for turning outdated, time-worn properties into desirable homes that profit the estate. While the legal process for a probate differs from trust, his entrepreneurial approach applies to both types of property sale, producing a dramatically faster transaction and higher return.

He focuses on three simple, powerful concepts:

  • identify the expected buyer demographics
  • refresh the home to those buyers’ lifestyle preferences (with a 200% to 500% return on the updates)
  • market the home to create urgent competition among buyers

Stories and photos

Find out the small steps that make a big impact on a probate or trust home sale. Told in stories, images and how-tos, the book features high-return home transformations and 60 full-color before and after photos.

Called “a must read for trustees and executors,” it’s a great resource for all sellers, especially those looking to maximize the value of inherited property in the Bay Area.

How to order

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