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Estate Solutions

Don’t Take
On Probate Alone

We’re here to help in every phase of the transaction. And to negotiate the terms your family seeks.

Property assessment and valuation

Prepping, staging, marketing

Introducing reliable vendors

Probate paperwork, deadlines and procedures

Inform legal team, buyers, multiple beneficiaries

Maximum interaction with agents and qualified buyers

Forceful, effective representation

Navigating the complex probate process

Hands-on assistance, listing to closing

From clean-out to closing

Selling your loved one’s home is emotionally demanding. From sorting the personal belongings to finalizing the transaction and letting go of the property.

Empathetic, knowledgeable professionals can make the process easier. Besides your attorney, real estate professionals who understand the intricacies of probate property sales can be your best resources.

The sale of personal possessions

Clearing a lifetime of accumulated belongings from the home is overwhelming. This step is often an obstacle to settling the estate.

We can help you handle these personal items in a dignified, efficient manner.


Our experienced team can help coordinate a successful estate sale, refer you to reliable appraisers or introduce other professionals who can sell the belongings for top dollar.

For significant tax advantages, the estate can donate unclaimed assets and possessions to charity. We maintain strong personal relationships with many local nonprofits that would welcome your contribution.

Making the home desirable

Many estate properties suffer from deferred maintenance, either because the homeowner was ill or simply could not maintain it properly.

Alleviate the anxiety of repairing the property by leaving the details to us. Our team of carefully vetted and reliable service providers will bring the home to marketable condition.

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