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A New Resource Hub for Probate

When you were put in charge of probate, did you feel a twinge of nervousness? It can be daunting.

That’s why we created this Probate Resource Hub. It serves as a meeting place, a starting point, a place for relief.

Here’s how we help:

  • our informational service is free
  • we support, inform and help you understand what to expect
  • we introduce you to the right service providers

Many real estate agents claim to be experts, but they’re often learning about the complexities of probate properties as they go.

We’ve been shepherding clients through the very distinct trust and probate processes for years. In fact, Craig Ackerman wrote the book, SELLING GRANDMA’S HOUSE, detailing his entrepreneurial approach to selling trust properties (which applies equally to probate homes).

There’s a lot at stake in a trust or probate home sale. OUR TEAM offers advice and resources to help you protect the estate and increase proceeds.

You’ll want a good attorney as your ally, too. If you haven’t retained anyone, I can introduce you to someone I’ve worked with who is knowledgeable about your situation. (Legal fees are paid by the estate.)

REACH OUT TO US with your questions or request for introductions.


Our Team

Craig Ackerman

As a young man, Craig took on a big share of preparing and selling his grandmothers’ homes. Sorting, distributing and disposing of their personal property. Clean-up, painting and prep projects. Worrying about deadlines, paperwork and the real estate agent’s lack of effort. His family needed help and there wasn’t much to be had.

Craig was profoundly affected by the emotional and time-consuming process.

“It’s a vulnerable time and I want to help clients feel informed and supported,” says Craig. He has closed hundreds of specialized probate and trust administration transactions across the Bay Area, often managing complex court-confirmation.

His book, Selling Grandma’s House, details his successful entrepreneurial approach. Established estate and landlord attorneys and regional banks call on him to handle their most challenging cases.

A personal glimpse
Growing up in New Jersey, Craig worked with his father, ripping out drywall and pounding nails as they rehabbed and flipped or rented homes. Later, after nearly 10 years as a corporate sales manager in China and S.E. Asia, Craig settled in San Francisco. His non-working hours are devoted to his wife and young son, leaving playing drums with an alt rock band, golf and scuba on the back burner.

Tania Dominguez

Tania Dominguez’s insight about San Francisco real estate stems from broad, practical experience. She has handled a wide range of real estate transactions, from residential and multi-unit to commercial buildings.

Tania’s also managed many San Francisco buildings, including her family’s rental properties. Over the years, she has cultivated an extensive network of proven service providers. “When you work with me, you get access to the team too,” she says. She has earned the respect of clients and investors who count on her unique, pragmatic approach.

A third-generation San Franciscan, Tania secured her real estate license in 2001. Her focus on providing a combination of white-glove service and local knowledge ensure that she meets her clients’ top priorities. A career professional, she points to one of her greatest business accomplishments—the day a couple she helped buy a property in 2004 called her, over a decade later, when they were ready to sell.

Beyond the office
Tania and her husband are proud parents of two wild, athletic sons. Cheering and coaching their year-round sports and continuing to explore and experience this beautiful city are her favorite free-time activities.