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Your Probate Property Resource

If you’re an attorney, personal,
representative or executor,
we can help.

As you face unfamiliar choices, we’ll be the experts making sure you’re not alone. You’ll get all the advice and support you need to make great decisions.

Probate property advisory services at no charge.

We’re probate specialists, and we’re ready to introduce you to our extensive network of trusted service providers.

A probate attorney. Locksmith. Painter. Anyone you need to get a probate property in shape, ready for sale and sold at the best possible price.

Are you preparing for difficult conversations with family and other heirs? We can help you estimate the timeline to escrow, the necessary steps and expected property sale price.


Need to sell the property quickly?

If speed is your top priority, we’ll seek immediate cash buyers from our qualified investor contacts. They often make offers within 24 hours and can close right away. When timelines are subject to the courts and filing dates are beyond our control, we still work to minimize delays.


Pressured to deliver the highest cash benefit?

We’ll help you maximize the property’s sale price. Let us recommend simple repairs and upgrades where your return will greatly outweigh the cost. And with your approval, we’ll assemble a team to do the work. You can expect maximum marketing exposure, that often leads to competing offers on your property.


Are you the estate’s attorney?

When property is part of the equation, legal and financial professionals send their probate clients to us. We can bolster your team and relieve you of many time-consuming tasks.

If the family or estate wants you to handle all aspects of the probate, we’re happy to work with you as the client.

Our practical skills are a great match for the probate niche. And we’re committed to sensitively serving clients under great stress. We’ve even earned probate specialist certifications to better support you and clients on issues around inherited property.

Here’s some starter information for your client: Probate FAQs


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